D-cut Shaft,Low Cost, Torque type planetary gearbox, Gear ratio 5.18, Efficiency 90%, Rated current 1.50A, 2 Phase Bipolar, Nema 14 size, length 52mm(Motor) + 28.2mm(Gearbox)

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Motor Specification
Inductance(mH) 3.8
Motor Nema Size Nema 14
Phase Resistance(ohm) 2.8
Rated Current(A) 1.5
Bipolar/Unipolar Bipolar
Holding Torque w/o Gearbox(Ncm) 40
Holding Torque w/o Gearbox(oz.in) 56.6
Gearbox Specification
Backlash at No-load(Max.°) 1
Efficiency 90%
Gear Ratio 5.18:1
Gearbox Type Planetary
Max. Permissible Torque(Ncm) 200
Max. Permissible Torque(oz.in) 283.2
Moment Permissible Torque(Ncm) 400
Moment Permissible Torque(oz.in) 566.4
Shaft Maximum Axial Load(N) 50
Shaft Maximum Radial Load(N) 100
Physical Specification
Shaft Diameter(mm) 6
Shaft Length(mm) 18
Gearbox Length(mm) 28.2
No. of Lead 4
Lead Length(mm) 400
Weight(g) 400
Motor Length(mm) 52
Single Shaft/Dual Shaft Single Shaft
Shaft Type D-Cut

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