About Us


To become “Your optimal stepper motor supplier!” is our biggest mission from foundation.


Established in 1992, OSM Technology Co.,Ltd. began as a consulting company specializing in Stepper Motor applications.

In 1995, OSM expanded its operatings to include the manufacturing of its own stepper motors.

Since then, OSM has developed its product line to include Linear Actuators, Brushless DC motors with production capacity nearly 150 thousand monthly.

Why OSM?

Choosing OSM Technology, your will have five advantages:

-Factory direct pricing

We own and operate our own factory, we can control and cut the cost by large-scale production. We can give you factory direct pricing with great customer service.

-High quality

The management and employees of OSM are committed to meeting or exceeding our customers' quality expectations and industry standards throughout the design, manufacturing, service and technical support phases.

-Flexible order

Whether your application calls for small quantities of specialized motors or hundreds of thousands of motors per month, you can count on OSM for outstanding professional engineering support and customer service.


Located in Ningbo, the famous port city in China, we have special export department which have extensive experience with international shipping and customs clearances, This ensure all orders are dispatched and delivered across the world with the shortest delivery time, and save much freight cost for customers.

-Custom support

Unlike specialized motor vendors, OSM can consult on your motor application from the entire motion control system standpoint, we provide to our customers product solutions able to solve whatever motion control issue, we deal with our clients as technical partners and not as simple suppliers.

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