Customer-specific solutions are our strength, not only in production, but also in design and development. Based on the experience of our series products, we develop complete assemblies and device controls with the optimum performance and price for your special application.

Shaft Machining
In many cases suitably adapted, ready-to-assemble shaft versions contribute to a fast and economic solution due to the omission of an internal production step as the motor can be delivered in your production line without further machining. Other special versions such as hollow shaft motors, for example, also allow applications that are not possible with a standard stepper motor.

Cable and Connector
In the area of the electrical customization, the flexible and extensive cable assembly service (for small and large series from the simple cable with crimp connector up to multi-wire electrical cable with multiconnectors) offers rapid motor installation. Select the best from the examples shown or send us a small sketch of your required assembly or simply call us.

Custom Winding
In the case of continuous applications and applications operated with fixed speeds such as agitators, conveyor belt, pumps and similar, for example, a drive solution that is as energy efficient as possible should be selected to keep the power losses and the module outlay as low as possible.