Long Life,High Efficiency, Precision External type, Nema 23 - 56.4x56.4x66mm, Lead /Step: 0.0127mm, Lead Screw Diameter: Φ9.53mm, Lead Screw Length: 150mm, Rated current 2.50A, 2 Phase Bipolar

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Electrical Specification
Bipolar/Unipolar Bipolar
Step Angle(°) 1.8
Inductance(mH) 8.2
Phase Resistance(ohm) 2.1
Rated Current(A) 2.5
Minimal Thrust(N) 540
Physical Specification
No. of Lead 4
Lead Length(mm) 300
Frame Size(mm) 57x57
Body Length(mm) 66
Motor Type External
Lead Screw Diameter(mm) 9.53
Lead Screw Length(mm) 150
Lead Travel/Revolution(mm) 2.54
Lead Travel/Step(mm) 0.0127

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